BALKON / Fieldrecording Istanbul

I just finished my work on this beautiful short film by Lars Kreysig. On his website he describes it with the following words:

“Night-time observations of a courtyard somewhere in the middle of Istanbul - roof tops, brief glimpses into apartments, a handful of inhabitants. Recorded from a single balcony, these scenes resemble miniatures of everyday life in this sprawling metropolis.”


For this project I had the oportunity to travel to Istanbul for four days to record all sorts of atmospheres at night time. It was a great trip and I recorded a lot of sounds. Distant city echos, car horns, the first call of a muezin in the morning or sea gulls that fly over the city at night. With all these authentic and inspiring sounds on my hard drive it was sheer joy to do the sound design and mix for this very atmospheric film.


For the recordings I brought my shoeps ms set and my small and handy sony pcm 50 recorder with me. Both devices delivered great results!

Balkon / Istanbul Fieldrecording by Tilman Hahn