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TILMAN HAHN born 1978
since 2007 freelance sound designer / 2005 - 2007 International Film School of Cologne (IFS) degree: Post- Graduate Studies in Sound Design - Film / 2004 - 2005 SAE Berlin degree: Bachelor of Recording Arts / 2002 - 2004 SAE Cologne degree: Audio Engineering Diploma.
Hello, my name is Tilman Hahn and I am a freelance sound designer and sound editor from Cologne, Germany. Working with sound is my passion and I love telling stories through sound. I am always searching for interesting projects, especially when sound plays an important role!
I believe that great sound design requires communication and experimentation. The best results can be achieved when the sound designer is involved early in the process. Sometimes it is just exchanging emails with sound layouts or ideas and concepts.

I also do a lot of fieldrecordings and try to expand my personal sound library whenever I can. Together with Emil Klotzsch I also run a website for Film Sound Effects called TONSTURM. We started this project in 2010 and are very proud of it!
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My studio is based in Cologne Ehrenfeld:

Tilman Hahn / Sound Design
Thebäerstr. 13
50823 Köln
fon +49 (0)221-169 000 57
cell +49 (0)163-759 88 48
In my studio I work with the following tools:

- 5.1 Surround Monitoring
- Protools 9 System CPTK
- Soundminer 4 Pro
- huge and ever growing sound library
- A lot of software: Audioease, Native Instruments.....
- Mac Pro 6 Core Westmere

- MS Set, Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination
- Sound Devices 702
- Sony PCM 50